Boarding at Biscuits and Bubbles is a healthy alternative to leaving your dog in a standard kennel. Instead of being cooped up all day while you’re on vacation, your dog too, will be in his/her own paradise… lounging around with friends doing all the things that dogs like best…all while being pampered with TLC from their human friends.


Regular pet grooming is essential to your dog’s health. When fur is allowed to get dirty and matted it increases your dog’s chances of flea and tick infections, irritated skin from matting, hot spots from constantly trying to scratch that itch and an increase in skin allergies due to uncleanliness.

Doggy Day Care

Always checking your watch to see how long your dog has been alone? Dogs are highly social; and they love being with other animals. When left alone, some get bored and even anxious, which can lead to gnawing on the furniture,  accidents in the house, chewing your favorite shoes and other not-so-fun activities.

Do It Yourself Wash

Biscuits & Bubbles provides you with all the self-washing tools you will need to make your dog look and smell great!

Service includes the use of shampoo, conditioner, bathing tools, towels, blow dryer and perfume.

We Wash Service

Don’t want to get all wet and dirty, or clean up the mess? Drop your dog off and we will take care of the rest! We Washes are by appointment only and we ask at least 3 hours to wash, dry, and pamper your dog.

Service includes oatmeal shampoo, rose conditioning rinse.  Towel and blow drying. 15 minute brush out after drying.