All boarding guest whom wish and are comfortable with participating in our doggie daycare program can do so at no extra charge. We will evaluate your furry family member to see if they want to socialize in our daycare program for 5-6 hours of playtime daily Monday-Friday! If your furry family member does not wish to socialize with other dogs don’t worry! They will be given ample time to go outside, play and socialize with our loving employees everyday.

small dog suiteBoarding at Biscuits and Bubbles is a healthy alternative to leaving your dog in a standard kennel. Instead of being cooped up all day while you’re on vacation, your dog too, will be in his/her own paradise… lounging around with friends doing all the things that dogs like best…all while being pampered with TLC from their human friends. The only time your dog will ever spend in a suite, is meal time, naptime, and bed time. And when bed time finally comes around each day, after 5-6 hours of playtime, your dog will want nothing other than a good night’s rest. Lastly to ensure your furry family member has the most comfortable night possible, they will be let out one more time for a quick bathroom break at 8pm or later for the duration of their stay.

What is the cost of boarding?

  • $28 per night for a single dog
  • $25 each per night for 2 or more dogs
  • $15 per cat

As a small gesture of our appreciation for your patronage we provide the following:

  • A FREE bath after a 7 night stay (nail trim can be added for $10 to bath)
  • A FREE night after a 10 night stay