Doggy Day Care

the displayAlways checking your watch to see how long your dog has been alone? Dogs are highly social; and they love being with other animals. When left alone, some get bored and even anxious, which can lead to gnawing on the furniture,  accidents in the house, chewing your favorite shoes and other not-so-fun activities.

Let us eliminate the worry and give you peace of mind, with some of the best dog day care services Salem has to offer.

Our spacious playrooms allow them the freedom to interact with other pets and people and to become familiar with how to behave in new environments.

As a new customer your first day is free simply so we can see how your dog interacts with others and for you to see how tired they will be at the end of the day.

What is the cost of Doggy Daycare?

  • $13 Per Day.

Pay for 10 days in advance to receive 11th free. Days do not have to be used consecutively.